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  • embermay: I would bond with my own visitor, but damn do I have too much of a headache to sleep
    Today at 01:33:47 PM
  • BootySmellGoodDoe: Im having a visitor today. Her name is Bed. And shes bringing a friend called pillow, and we are going to bond so much!!!
    Today at 12:11:13 PM
  • Mark Nutt: I'm having a visitor stay for a few days so if I'm not on much for the next few days I'm not gone just busy.
    Today at 11:57:16 AM
  • embermay: I can't find my current hoodie, but it's pretty bland anyways. It's just a white sweatshirt with a companion cube heart. But this is the hoodie I NEED: [link]
    Today at 11:34:50 AM
  • Valkyrie: That's a really cool hoodie, Grazz. Check out mine: [link]
    Today at 11:24:34 AM
  • MetabeeKBT: for all of your who dont know what humongous entertainment games are here [link]
    Today at 11:10:36 AM
  • MetabeeKBT: dude iv told u at least twice now. IM NEW to this community. back when i played on this server it wasnt so well put together. or i just didn't know about the forum because i was so young and wasn't as internet savvy as i am now. y do u have to keep bringing that up. instade y dont u come into teamspeak and talk to me open up and let me know u rather then just keep saying over and over "you dont know us, you dont know us" your damn right i dont know u because when i was playing on thi server your were still playing humongous entertainment games.
    Today at 11:08:53 AM
  • SlendyBums: Let me get this straight, you dont know the clan AT ALL, judging by your knowledge on us and our behavior
    Today at 10:07:46 AM
  • MetabeeKBT: let me get one thing straight? u all think name calling if funny?
    Today at 08:15:35 AM
  • GrazingBacon: [link]
    Today at 07:42:29 AM
  • GrazingBacon: This is the hoodie I wear.
    Today at 07:42:26 AM
  • Valkyrie: <3
    Today at 06:53:29 AM
  • Valkyrie: He's joking, you dirty console peasant.
    Today at 06:53:23 AM
  • Mark Nutt: I understand you haven't gotten the kindest treatment on here but being overly sensitive about things not even directed at you isn't gonna make it better.
    Today at 01:07:05 AM
  • Mark Nutt: Its not directed at you, I would call anyone that bought a game available on PC for a console that as well, I'd even call ember that right to her face. Because its a joke. Look: [link]
    Today at 01:04:05 AM
  • embermay: I'm sure he was joking
    Today at 01:00:19 AM
  • MetabeeKBT: me over reacting ur the name caller.
    Today at 12:54:33 AM
  • Mark Nutt: Over reaction much? I'm saying its not out on PC yet until tomorrow so people that got it on consoles (lookin at you John) are dirty plebs. You know, like a joke.
    Today at 12:39:45 AM
  • MetabeeKBT: now this is what im freaking talking about i didn't say anything that required a response, like that. yall MF'ers need to chill the fuck out with the fucking name calling. when have i EVER been mean to any of u. EVER!
    Today at 12:01:38 AM
  • Mark Nutt: Sure if your a dirty console peasant.
    Yesterday at 11:44:26 PM
  • MetabeeKBT: its already here.
    Yesterday at 11:14:28 PM
    Yesterday at 10:13:34 PM
  • Mark Nutt: [link]
    Yesterday at 07:37:27 PM
  • Gary: My hoodie costs about 25 doller.
    Yesterday at 07:13:48 PM
    Yesterday at 06:37:00 PM
  • embermay: It's $400 guys, help me
    Yesterday at 06:28:13 PM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: After that, sell the hoodie and buy a fedora
    Yesterday at 05:31:15 PM
  • John Provider: Jesus Christ Ember, for a hoodie... hory sheet
    Yesterday at 04:39:36 PM
  • goblin_thrower A$AP: k
    Yesterday at 04:36:17 PM
  • embermay: Guys, I'm afraid I may have to sell every single thing I own just to buy a hoodie
    Yesterday at 04:09:15 PM

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