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Refresh History
  • Gary: but joe, you cannot make house here, its not safety!
    Today at 10:39:39 PM
  • John Provider: [link]
    Today at 05:36:52 PM
    Today at 04:29:03 PM
  • John Provider: Get your years right chess, I'm a junior
    Today at 03:27:27 PM
  • ErinBaron: But chess, what if you make alphabet soup.
    Today at 02:29:22 PM
  • ChessmasterHex: fukn seniors
    Today at 01:25:11 PM
  • ChessmasterHex: you cant cook in a language, john
    Today at 01:24:57 PM
  • ChessmasterHex: how do you 'cook in german'
    Today at 01:24:25 PM
  • Mr Stratton (Ecks): what a nerd
    Today at 12:42:18 PM
  • John Provider: learning how to cook breakfast in german, and here I am on the forums
    Today at 12:00:38 PM
  • Kevin Kyo Nightwolf: IM TIRED. almost falling asleep at work and i got 1.5 hours left -.-
    Today at 11:39:34 AM
  • Gary: oh
    Yesterday at 10:53:57 PM
  • Gary: Must be from an old TTT server
    Yesterday at 10:53:46 PM
  • Flash: That is an old script that Grazz had from back in the RcG CS:S days. It must be on the RcG forums server and I didn't know it. I pay for and own the reconcilegaming domain name so it  goes to our forums server and the paypal account is grazingbacons
    Yesterday at 10:53:12 PM
  • Gary: [link]
    Yesterday at 10:53:02 PM
  • Gary: Definitely fake, heres the features page
    Yesterday at 10:52:52 PM
  • Gary: This [link] I think it's either an unfinished thing that Carl is working on or it's a couple specific fuckos stealing money from us.  Flash, clarify pls
    Yesterday at 10:52:09 PM
  • Bert Macklin: Ask Chad, Canadian Bacon, or Brotherman Bill if you need witnesses.
    Yesterday at 10:34:50 PM
  • Bert Macklin: Also randy bo-bandy is self supplying and rdming. Here's his profile: [link]
    Yesterday at 10:32:08 PM
  • Bert Macklin: Here's Freeman's profile: [link]
    Yesterday at 10:26:09 PM
  • Bert Macklin: Here's Morgan's profile: [link]
    Yesterday at 10:25:35 PM
  • Bert Macklin: A guy named Morgan and a guy named Freeman have been propkilling and propblocking and rdaing and rdming for like 30 minutes now.
    Yesterday at 10:22:42 PM
  • VonSpot: Or it's an unconfigured donator script that Flash purchased?
    Yesterday at 10:17:15 PM
  • Mr Stratton (Ecks): Thats not us, we dont have an armor system
    Yesterday at 10:04:18 PM
  • Mr Stratton (Ecks): ive got no clue but it looks like a place people are trying to steal money off of us from?
    Yesterday at 10:03:41 PM
  • Capn Cornflakes: [link] wtf is this
    Yesterday at 10:02:03 PM
  • Mr Stratton (Ecks): Ill see what i can do :/
    Yesterday at 10:01:38 PM
  • Mr Stratton (Ecks): hehe
    Yesterday at 10:01:31 PM
  • Mr Stratton (Ecks): uh
    Yesterday at 10:01:27 PM
  • JoeShadow: Im not planning to use it survival after
    Yesterday at 09:57:35 PM

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