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  • Gary: Who banned/unbanned you?
    Today at 05:00:48 PM
  • Exoquatic: Apparently I've been banned from posting on the forums? Whoever banned me told me to stop last week, but I don't remember anyone ever telling me that?
    Today at 04:48:48 PM
  • Gary: 太有喜感了
    Today at 05:05:30 AM
  • Mr Rand: ikr such random stufff
    Today at 03:06:04 AM
  • ChessmasterHex: what the shir
    Today at 01:23:06 AM
  • ChessmasterHex: 'Downloading Super Mario Galaxy/ragdoll...'
    Today at 01:23:00 AM
  • Gary: More like Baddlefield
    Yesterday at 11:41:35 PM
  • Gary: nooooo
    Yesterday at 11:37:35 PM
  • ChessmasterHex: you'r badly ported from batlfeild
    Yesterday at 11:01:40 PM
  • Gary: That's because they're badly ported from Battlefield.
    Yesterday at 10:52:09 PM
  • ChessmasterHex: holy shit, these SWAT models are broken.
    Yesterday at 10:17:46 PM
    Yesterday at 09:12:08 PM
  • Gary: 1, 1, 1, uhm... 1!
    Yesterday at 07:49:51 PM
  • John Provider: From what I've seen, it sometimes no-collides players and sometimes doesn't. As for the muting, same goes for the iffy no-colliding
    Yesterday at 07:45:54 PM
  • Gary: Does the NLR bubble also no-collide and mute players?
    Yesterday at 07:39:16 PM
  • Bilbo Baggins: both of you saying this is proof enough, thank you
    Yesterday at 07:22:50 PM
  • JoeShadow: Just keep in mind that the NLR rule is the rule for the NLR bubble. The NLR bubble is to be a guideline, you can be in it, just don't get in the way.
    Yesterday at 07:21:05 PM
  • Bilbo Baggins: Well this admin broke so many rules and he did it while raiding our base so...
    Yesterday at 07:18:15 PM
  • Friendly: Technically, admin has final say. But, I don't see any rules for the ghost bubble. So you're technically right. It's somewhat conflicting.
    Yesterday at 07:17:25 PM
  • Bilbo Baggins: okay! well is there a rule that says i can be in the area? because I'm writing a report on an admin who kept pulling me out of the area and without any rule that says so it's useless
    Yesterday at 07:13:22 PM
  • Friendly: You're correct. You're able to be in the area, as you're not able to interact with anything.
    Yesterday at 07:12:12 PM
  • Bilbo Baggins: Yes, after they added the ghost thing people can still be inside the NLR area, right? or am i mistaking
    Yesterday at 07:11:28 PM
  • Friendly: Updated rule?
    Yesterday at 07:09:25 PM
  • Bilbo Baggins: Thanks, where can i find the new updated rule on NLR?
    Yesterday at 07:07:39 PM
  • Friendly: There, Bilbo
    Yesterday at 07:07:12 PM
  • Friendly: [link]
    Yesterday at 07:07:09 PM
  • Bilbo Baggins: where can i find the darkrp server rules?
    Yesterday at 07:05:20 PM
  • Mr Stratton (Ecks): Most not mod
    Yesterday at 06:23:47 PM
  • Mr Stratton (Ecks): All minecraft players who have played in the minecraft server. Please look at the mod recent post in News And Announcements.
    Yesterday at 06:23:27 PM
  • Gary: WHAT DID I DO
    Yesterday at 04:23:51 PM

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