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  • embermay: My mom just came into my room and gave me a large iced coffee. I'm living the life right now, I don't think you understand.
    Today at 04:14:30 PM
  • Gary: [link]
    Today at 01:35:25 PM
  • John Provider: I got Dark Souls, my parents must hate me
    Today at 12:43:12 PM
  • embermay: I got nothing. yay me
    Today at 12:23:45 PM
  • Flash: Happy Easter, I hope the Bunny brought you lots of candy and certain members lots of "Grass"  ;)
    Today at 11:29:22 AM
  • Gary: Happy Weed Day, RcG! Oh wait, it's Easter?
    Today at 11:09:33 AM
  • MetabeeKBT: goooooooooooooooooooooooooood mooooing reconcile gaming
    Today at 10:07:39 AM
  • Gary: [link]
    Yesterday at 12:29:41 PM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: :D
    Yesterday at 11:28:59 AM
  • Flash: The server has been patched and is now back on line virus free and ready. GAME ON !!!!
    Yesterday at 11:01:39 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: Wait, never mind, it's just a pedo midget in my computer
    Yesterday at 09:30:55 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: My computer is making coughing noises.... I think I might be infected
    Yesterday at 09:30:23 AM
  • goblin_thrower A$AP: y the sever want all odyssey
    Yesterday at 09:18:52 AM
  • po man panda: when do you think its safe to play gmod on the server
    Yesterday at 04:03:09 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: I might be able to cough up some more
    Yesterday at 01:46:40 AM
  • Morphine: 10/10 puns
    Yesterday at 01:41:49 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: Please don't make me taste my own rainbow
    Yesterday at 01:34:40 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: I'm just lightening the mooooooooood
    Yesterday at 01:34:23 AM
  • Nintendo Wii System: I'm going to attack you, Rainbow.
    Yesterday at 01:32:16 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: I have the weirdest feeling that Valk wants to kill me now.
    Yesterday at 01:28:38 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: Don't get on Gmod, it might coughst you your account information.
    Yesterday at 01:17:55 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: If they start exterminating our computers, could we call it the Holocoughst
    Yesterday at 01:17:05 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: Don't worry guys, these hackers will be cought soon.
    Yesterday at 01:16:20 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: I want to fight these hackers. I'll challenge them to a bout of fisticoughs.
    Yesterday at 01:15:38 AM
  • Taste dat Rainbow: Thank god I wasn't playing Gmod tadoy, I was busy making coughee.
    Yesterday at 01:01:07 AM
  • Flash: I have put a password on the GMod server until a fix is develeoped
    Yesterday at 12:57:30 AM
  • Mark Nutt: Yeah its pretty bad, make sure you follow Valkyries post on how to remove it
    Yesterday at 12:41:03 AM
  • Nintendo Wii System: Dear god, 'The Cough' is going to infect every server.
    Yesterday at 12:34:34 AM
  • ironyexpert: the number of players over today looks pretty cool. you see exactly when the virus hit [link]
    Yesterday at 12:33:25 AM
  • Kranckster: *cough*
    Yesterday at 12:23:46 AM

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